Press Release Medina Clinic Member of NJ Health Quality Institute


Press Release Medina Clinic Member Quality Institute

There are about 15,000 homeless people and nearly 1.5 million uninsured just within NJ. These grim statistics have only grown even after the new healthcare law was introduced 2 years ago by the federal government.

This reality has compelled Medina Community Clinic to undertake an initiative of providing specialty healthcare services to the needy. Professionals at Medina Community Clinic strongly believe that access to quality healthcare is the basic right of every individual.

With this vision in mind, we intend to meet this growing crisis by initially focusing on small geographic areas as part of a pilot project. We have currently partnered with Henry J Austin Health Center in the inner city of Trenton. We plan to expand the initiative going forward and will do our best to provide specialty healthcare to those in need throughout the state of NJ.

Medina Community Clinic will help patients by issuing vouchers that cover the costs of seeing a specialty healthcare provider within our network.

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