Who is Eligible

The eligibility requirement for Medina Community Clinic’s care and facilitation services is that a patient be uninsured and over 18 years old. All patients must first be seen by a Primary Care Provider. If you are unable to find a primary care provider, please call our Patient Care Navigator, Judith Hamilton, to discuss your options. She can help connect you to the hospital clinics. Judith Hamilton: 609-722-6252

All specialty service visits are provided to patients absolutely free of charge. From consultation to appointments, the Patient Care Navigator helps facilitate the care of prerequisites that the patient may need throughout their clinic experience via charity care. There may be a small co-payment for prescription medication, only if required.

CONNECT with the Patient Care Navigator

Judith Hamilton
Patient Care Navigator
Medina Community Clinic
609-213-5058 (cell)
609-722-6252 (work)
609-722-6252 (fax)

Medina Community Clinic
PO BOX 3284
Hamilton NJ 08619